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Published by Monday, 06/30/2014


In IT like in any other professional sphere, if you need a piece of advice, you should address to campaigners. Reading books is good, but invaluable experience of colleagues can help you better.

Obviously you should find experienced creators on thematic forums. I entered the forum, where are about 100 Drupal-specialists from different countries of CIS and asked them a question:

“If young Drupal-specialist comes and asks to become your apprentice, what advice will you give him?”

First ideas were simple and logical: “Use this link to find necessary: "Information and study it” (link is for book “Professional development of websites on Drupal-7”. But at this time 8th version is already in use! ), “Send him to do dirty work: fields, modules, settings, models and so on”.

Next ideas were more specific:

“Give your apprentice website on Drupal-6 with great amount of caste fields and say: Just migrate this website on the Drupal-7, Comrade!” Put on the website as many viewers as possible. After making this work 2-3 times this apprentice becomes a senior”. Other creators had fun: “Put a lot of fields and panels on website and let him feel all salt of the earth”.

Step by step huge discussion started going. At last I collected my “10 ideas for beginners”.   

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Let' Rock & Drupal!

Published by Wednesday, 04/17/2019

Let' Rock & Drupal!

We are glad to announce the news, that has already caught the attention of both Russian-speaking and global Drupal community. A large-scale IT sphere event - Drupal Camp Belarus 2019 will be held in Minsk in May!

The Camp will host a large number of local representatives, guests from Russia and Ukraine, as well as from the USA, Canada, the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Holland.

Among them will be not only experts of different level and experience, but also invited speakers who are willing to share their knowledge, technology development trends and prospects.


Published by Wednesday, 05/02/2018


May is full of different events in IT industry. The annual professional conference DevConf will be held from 18 to 19 May 2018. It will be devoted to the leading technologies of programming and web development.

Everyone can take part and learn something interesting and useful. More than a thousand developers of different development stacks will improve their knowledge in professional topics, watch and take part in live coding sessions.

A two-day conference will be held in Moscow in Digital October.