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Published by Wednesday, 03/28/2018


Drupal Moldova Association, with the support of USAID and the Swedish Government, is delighted to announce the first ever Open Source Camp 2018 in Moldova, happening on 21- 22nd April 2018 at Tekwill.

Ready to know more about this “open source” thing? Read on!

What is Open source?

«Open source» mostly refers to projects and products, which are based on open exchange, collaboration, transparency, equality and are community-oriented.

In practice, something “open source” is free to use, modify and share.

When did it all start?

The idea that “sharing is caring” is really seasoned, but the “open source” term was coined on February 3rd, 1998 in Palo Alto, California. That same month, the Open Source Initiative (OSI) was founded, an organization protecting and promoting the open source ideas.

Why Opensource?

Eric Steven Raymond, or ESR, the American software developer and Open source ambassador in his essay “The Cathedral and the Bazaar” elegantly puts it like this:

“while coding remains an essentially solitary activity, the really great hacks come from harnessing the attention and brainpower of entire communities. The developer who uses only his or her own brain in a closed project is going to fall behind the developer who knows how to create an open, evolutionary context in which feedback exploring the design space, code contributions, bug-spotting, and other improvements come from hundreds (perhaps thousands) of people.”

Do I know any Opensource projects or products?

Positive. Everyone sure has heard of Linux. And used Mozilla Firefox.

If you are a bit more tech-savvy, you would recognize such products as CMS’s Drupal, Magento and Wordpress; Ubuntu, Docker, Vagrant, JS frameworks Angular, React and React-native, .NET development tools, Visual Studio Code, TypeScript, Redis, MongoDB, Nginx, Moodle, bug tracking systems Bugzilla and Redmine.

Is it only about code?

The idea of Open Source spreads much wider than the IT sphere. It is a general attitude towards free information exchange, transparent collaboration and taking an active stance in the world improvement.

So if you share any kind of information, be it a lifehack, recipe or fragment of code, you are taking a step in the direction of the “open source way”.

Eager to learn more, and partake in the development of the OpenSource community?

Join our team at OpenSource Camp 2018 in Moldova, happening on 21- 22nd April 2018.

The event will unite more than 300 participants from Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, UK and many other European countries. You’ll have the opportunity to get the latest information about tech trends in over 15 technologies, and also take part in networking events, Trivia Night, CxO Networking, a party with wine and other useful and fun activities.

We, Z-Wolves Development take great pride in endorsing the event as a media partner, and invite you to follow suit and join either as an attendee or a sponsor.

Let' Rock & Drupal!

Published by Wednesday, 04/17/2019

Let' Rock & Drupal!

We are glad to announce the news, that has already caught the attention of both Russian-speaking and global Drupal community. A large-scale IT sphere event - Drupal Camp Belarus 2019 will be held in Minsk in May!

The Camp will host a large number of local representatives, guests from Russia and Ukraine, as well as from the USA, Canada, the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Holland.

Among them will be not only experts of different level and experience, but also invited speakers who are willing to share their knowledge, technology development trends and prospects.


Published by Wednesday, 05/02/2018


May is full of different events in IT industry. The annual professional conference DevConf will be held from 18 to 19 May 2018. It will be devoted to the leading technologies of programming and web development.

Everyone can take part and learn something interesting and useful. More than a thousand developers of different development stacks will improve their knowledge in professional topics, watch and take part in live coding sessions.

A two-day conference will be held in Moscow in Digital October.