Welcome to DrupalCamp Transylvania 2018!

DrupalCampTransylvania 2018

You want to share your knowledge and get invaluable experience, but do not know where and when?

Our team, Z-Wolves Development invites all Drupal enthusiasts to take part in the DrupalCamp Transylvania 2018, an international Drupal conference where we are gathering together community members to share knowledge and ideas, to contribute to sprints and have fun. This is a great place to be from 4 to 6 May 2018, in a beautiful city of Cluj-Napoca located in the heart of the famous Transylvania region of Romania.

DrupalCamp Transylvania is the perfect moment to give back code to the community or helping it grows. You can contribute to Drupal core & contrib modules in the 3-day sprint or you can help mentor people during the sprints. Even if you are not a developer, you can help with testing or brainstorming, you don't even have to actually be a part of a sprint before. You can also help by joining the Birds of a Feather sessions, create relationships with others and come up with new ideas.

Well-known for their contribution to the Drupal Community, talented speakers and sprint mentors such as Larry Garfield, Robert Douglass and Ruben Teijeiro will be present to share their knowledge and ideas with you.

This Drupal event is not only about coding, but the organizers have prepared 2 evening of fun and games. Friday, PitechPlus will sponsor a boardgame night and on Saturday the party will be sponsored by Platform.sh. And if you are passionate about travel, you can visit on Cluj various landmarks like the Union Square, St. Michael's Church, Banffy Palace, and more.

If we managed to raise your interest and convinced you to join us at this amazing conference, don't waste any time and get your tickets as soon as possible from https://www.drupaltransylvania.ro/buy-tickets.

See you at DrupalCamp Transylvania 2018,

Z-Wolves Development