Ten ideas for beginners in Drupal.

Ten ideas for beginners in Drupal.

In IT like in any other professional sphere, if you need a piece of advice, you should address to campaigners. Reading books is good, but invaluable experience of colleagues can help you better.

Obviously you should find experienced creators on thematic forums. I entered the forum, where are about 100 Drupal-specialists from different countries of CIS and asked them a question:

“If young Drupal-specialist comes and asks to become your apprentice, what advice will you give him?”

First ideas were simple and logical: “Use this link to find necessary: "Information and study it” (link is for book “Professional development of websites on Drupal-7”. But at this time 8th version is already in use! ), “Send him to do dirty work: fields, modules, settings, models and so on”.

Next ideas were more specific:

“Give your apprentice website on Drupal-6 with great amount of caste fields and say: Just migrate this website on the Drupal-7, Comrade!” Put on the website as many viewers as possible. After making this work 2-3 times this apprentice becomes a senior”. Other creators had fun: “Put a lot of fields and panels on website and let him feel all salt of the earth”.

Step by step huge discussion started going. At last I collected my “10 ideas for beginners”.