Not to miss – DrupalCamp Krasnodar 2017

DrupalCamp Krasnodar 2017

Our colleagues from the Southern Drupal community DrupalYug are organizing a conference with this awesome CMS in the limelight – DrupalCamp Krasnodar 2017.

Why is DrupalCamp Krasnodar an absolute “must-visit”?

This festival closes the 2017 season of Drupal events in the Russian-speaking community. So is you are looking for a source of inspiration for your New Year resolution – don’t hesitate to register (the registration is free, yay!) and pack your luggage for the conference. It takes all sorts there – the experts will be debating about whose way is the most Drupal way; the beginners will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of topics presented; marketing specialists, content managers and business owners will share some tricks of the trade about attracting and retaining customers.

Our Drupal ladies and gentlemen adhere to the “work hard, play hard” principle so an after-party with lots of informal experience exchange and networking is going to follow the official conference.

As we are endorsing all Drupal-related activities, we are proud to say that we are again sponsoring DrupalCamp Krasnodar 2017 and we’re sure that every person who is interested in the IT industry and trends will not regret visiting this conference on December 16 in Krasnodar, Russia.

Sincerely yours,

Drupal Camp Krasnodar 2017 Bronze sponsor,

Z-Wolves Development