Lviv Euro DrupalCamp 2014. It will be interesting.

One of the most large-scale Drupal events will take place in East Europe on September 6-7. It is named Lviv Euro DrupalCamp 2014. It convokes creators of all skills levels, delegates of international companies and other people who chose CMS and start career.

Traditionally this event convokes participants from Moldova, Belarus, Poland, Russia and the Ukraine for interesting and saturated Weekend:
- Experienced creators` lectures,
- BOF- sessions, where you can have a hot discussion with sponsors and lectures,
- Job Speed Dating where you can take part in mini-interview and get job in a huge company,
- Code Sprint on Drupal 8
- Pre-party, where you can get acquainted with people and have conversation in informal way,
- Laser tag competition with interesting prizes. 

Also every participant gets corporate T-shirt, pleasant surprises and competitions.

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P.S. Prices will be kept the same to September 2

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