Lutsk DrupalCamp 2017

Lutsk DrupalCamp 2017

All roads lead to the little Rome of the East #LutskDrupalCamp

This autumn and namely October 7 is the perfect time for all Drupal lovers, no matter amateurs or professionals, to visit the city of Lutsk hosting Drupal Camp 2017.

And here is the ultimate list of reasons for checking in at Lutsk Drupal Camp according to its Bronze sponsor, Z Wolves Development:

  1. Sure, the top cause is the communication. Where else can you share your ideas and experience with more than 300 like-minded Drupal enthusiasts, do some pleasant (and also useful!) professional networking? Maybe it will even become the venue for your Drupal startup launch!
  2. Variety of speakers is the spice of any conference, and in this respect Lutsk Drupal Camp will be as spicy as ever: more than 13 professionals who know Drupal from different perspectives of business and development are ready to engage in enlightening talks.
  3. The ones who like the after-party as much as the Camp itself – no fear! The closing part of Lutsk Drupal Camp is definitely going to be grand – in the setting of the medieval Lubart castle one just cannot screw up a rock-themed party with a concert.
  4. Lutsk is also home to a variety of cultural and historical sights. If you’re looking for spiritual insights, you can visit Catholic churches and monasteries, Orthodox Saint Pokrov church, a Lutheran kirche and even a synagogue. If you’re on the secular side, pay attention to unusual museums and the modern zoo.
  5. Good news for foodies – Western Ukraine can offer an abundance of culinary choices. The local cuisine has been influenced by many gastrocultures and you can find Austrian desserts, Hungarian goulash and German variety meat dishes. But the Ukrainian classics – potato flapjacks, cabbage rolls, dumplings and crepes – are also on the menu, always served with rich sour cream.
  6. Getting back to Drupal! Though it is emphasized that active recruiting is not allowed, everyone understands that jobhunting (among the greatest sponsors) and headhunting (among the brightest participants) will be in full swing!
  7. And last but not least – our sponsorship fees and your participation fees contribute greatly the whole Drupal society, whose members we are proud to be! 

Lutsk DrupalCamp